Prenatal Support

**If you are considering becoming pregnant, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going through the SOMA Series beforehand to gain a solid foundation for the changes that come with pregnancy.**

These sessions are designed for people who are pregnant currently or are less than 10 weeks postpartum.

I will work on clients in all stages of pregnancy- preconception, prenatal, perinatal, and postpartum. The sessions may include- SOMA, SOMAssage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, Thai massage, and/or Swedish modalities.

These sessions are 90 min and $250/session.

If any of these symptoms are present, the session cannot continue and will need to be rescheduled and a doctor’s note might be required.

Extra precautions taken with prenatal clients:

  • Three gentle non-intrusive tests will be performed to test for pitting edema and blood clots in the legs. If any of these tests turn out positive the session will need to be rescheduled and a doctor’s note will be required.
  • Receiving massage lowers blood pressure, please eat a snack before *and* after the session.
  • No heating pads will be used
  • Manual therapy on legs will always be gentle *throughout* the pregnancy and until 10 weeks postpartum, due to the risk of dislodging blood clots in the legs.
  • Clients must wait at least 1 week after genetic testing (CVS/amniocentesis) before receiving a session.