Pelvic Floor Series

The pelvic floor is the hammock of muscle of fascia that sits at the base of our pelvis and holds up our organs. This lower diaphragm is responsible for opening and closing our bladder and rectum, helps stabilize the pelvis (allowing us to stand, walk, and dance), aids in lymphatic drainage, and controls and allows us to orgasm!

There are 6 sessions in the pelvic floor series. Sessions are ideally spaced 1-2 weeks apart. This is entirely external pelvic floor work and a barrier will be used by the practitioner when completing this task.  These sessions are clothed, clients wearing stretchy shorts/bathing suit bottoms and tube tops (provided in studio, if needed). For best results please complete the entire series. The series may include assessment, before and after pictures (of the whole-body structure), SOMA bodywork, movement re-education, reading materials, reflective journaling, as well as other activities to facilitate change and growth.

Each of the 6 sessions are between 90-120 minutes. The cost per session is $250.

If you are a new client, I would require you to come for an intake/analysis bodywork session before starting this series.

Session Progression:

  1.  Side-lying pelvic floor session
  2.  Assessment and integration of session 1
  3.  Supine (face up) pelvic floor session
  4.  Assessment and integration of session 3
  5.  Prone (face down) pelvic floor session
  6.  Assessment and integration of session 5

You may benefit from the Pelvic Floor Series if you: