Jerica can help re-shape one’s posture and habitual body habits after just a few visits! You can start off seeing her not being able to balance well and then walk out having regained your long-lost balance. She is personal, professional, and full of positive energy. Highly recommend!
Barbara C.
I was fortunate to complete the entire SOMA series with Jerica. Her intuitive touch is soothing and magical. She has helped me ease chronic pain and 6 months later I continue to realign and move with freedom. She is amazing!”
Tarra B.
Treatment was magical! Very calm, quiet, peaceful space and super cozy bed. I had been dealing with some severe pain from past injuries and in need of immediate relief and boy did I get that! It was clear right away Jerica has a great intuition to what my body needed and appreciate her integrated approach. The area of pain that had been keeping me up at night dissipated and stayed pretty much gone/manageable with tips on things I could also do at home. Had to go through a ton of therapists and relieved to finally found the best. ♥♥
Emily S.
I came to see Jerica to see if working with her could bring relief from severe muscle tightness and cramping due to a deteriorating hip joint. I really enjoyed the dopamine and oxytocin I felt after each session. It helped change my response to pain, in that I now welcome brief short-term pain that creates long-term improvement, resulting in seeing lasting change in how I move. Jerica is very educated in the interconnected multitude of tiny fascia all throughout the human body; she's empathetic, concerned about her clients, and highly effective -- what's not to love?!?
Cherylann B.
Jerica is the ultimate postpartum healer! I'm an athletic mom but I was really struggling with the changes and trauma to my body after pregnancy and labor. After two years of managing postpartum issues, I still had problems with balance, hip and pelvic pain, headaches, TMJ, and posture. I signed up for the pelvic floor series hoping to fill the gaps in what physical therapy and chiropractic care were not achieving. The results from SOMA were truly impressive. Some of the results were immediate while some built over time. Working with Jerica has definitely improved my quality of life. My hip and pelvic pain has nearly disappeared, I feel balanced on my feet again, my posture straightened up, I can breathe more fully, and I sleep better. I was surprised that the effects of SOMA were not just physical; they have been emotional and mental as well. I'm really glad I committed to the series. I have a calmness in my core that I have not felt in years, my creativity has returned, and I was accelerated into healing some very personal pain. I am so grateful for Jerica's potent work! I would absolutely recommend Fountain of Youth as a great resource for healing the body and mind.
Carrie S.
I reached out to Jerica because I was hoping to release back/hip/glute tension (regular and from injury) , and increase general relaxation techniques. The best thing about working with Jerica was the intricate attention to all muscle groups over the course of the sessions. There was focused attention to muscles I didn’t know I had! And her studio space is so welcoming and peaceful. Results I noticed include better attention to posture and intentional movements, tips on things I can do at home with both relaxation and movement, lengthened muscles, and using my breath to release. What surprised me the most about SOMA was how incredibly relaxing it felt. There were times when I felt I could fall asleep. That Zen feeling would stay with me when I left the session. If I were to recommend Fountain of Youth, I would say that I looked forward to each session because of the way that it made me feel completely relaxed, both mentally and physically. The muscle release was really amazing and I always left feeling lighter and more spacious in both mind and body. Jerica’s approach is to see/feel the whole body where everything is connected and working together. Jerica’s very welcoming, helpful, and in tune with specific problem areas.
Monique M.
I had a great experience working with Jerica. I’ve had similar bodywork in the past – primarily Rolfing, plus a little Hellerwork – which I found helpful, but I was happier with Soma. Like those other forms of structural integration, Soma is a series of sessions that focus on different areas of the body, reshaping fascia to fix places where your body has overcompensated for past injuries. But it’s a gentler approach, at least as practiced by Jerica. The structural integration work I’ve had in the past was often very forceful and downright excruciating at times. The effects could be astounding. I’d find myself visibly straighter after a session, or suddenly be able to breathe deeper. They’d work through scar tissue that had limited my movement for years. But just a few months later, I’d notice the effects fading, and eventually some of the old restrictions came back. Rolfing claims to effect permanent changes, but that wasn’t entirely my experience. Jerica never powered through resistance from my muscles and tissue, but took a more patient, intuitive approach. She’d zero in on a problem area and always stop short of causing pain. When she encountered resistance, she’d pause and coax the muscles into releasing before proceeding. The ultimate impact was still really noticeable. I’d feel much better after every session. But I’d find myself less sore after a session, and rather than the tissue recoiling from the damage, it continued to release over the following week and even longer. It’s now seven months since my first session, four since my last, and I’m still feeling the positive effects of better posture, greatly reduced pain and tension, and freer breathing. I’m also doing chiropractic and PT, so it’s hard to say if it’s all due to the Soma, but I’m hopeful that the results will be longer lasting/permanent.
Martin C.