About Jerica

I am an athlete, an adventurer, a chef, a musician, a sailor, and an expert on the human body. Since manual and massage therapy changed my life, I became deeply curious about bodies and how we can heal ourselves and others. I am also a POC LGBTQ+ woman (she/her), and deeply passionate about helping others understand and heal their own bodies. At Fountain of Youth, I help women thrive in today’s chaotic and painful world through life-changing bodywork.

It’s been a long road for me to heal my own pain. For years, I abused my body. I danced ballet, jazz, and salsa, exploiting my joints for their hypermobility. Straining ligaments when I pushed through pain to contort myself. I was a downhill longboard racer in the World Cup, during which I ignored the bruises, road rashes and tears in my soft tissue. My ego always wanted me to be better, faster, to keep up with the boys– so I pushed my body for more, more, more. I paid for that in skin, blood, and scars. I trekked through Southeast Asian jungles on rough terrain and hiked up mountains in torrential rain. It wasn’t just a heavy backpack weighing me down, it was also the pressure I put on myself to make my body perform. I became unable to rest well; I was just trying to shut out the noise of the aches and pains that piled on top of one another. I’ve completed long, solo, motorcycle trips through several countries. On these trips, I learned how to lift myself and my bike back up and keep going even when the road was rough. More importantly, I started listening when my body said enough was enough.

While I had a lot of pride in my athletic pursuits, my injuries were piling up alongside the passport stamps. My chronic pain got worse every year as the medley of injuries became harder to manage. I developed a constant and debilitating deep upper back ache.

I sought care with a team of dedicated conventional and holistic health workers, which helped me survive. Yet, I was still in near-constant pain. I began to feel helpless. I resigned myself to living with a new “normal” amount of pain that was becoming my life-long companion. I thought that this was the best it could be, although I knew that I simply wasn’t able to be an athlete anymore. I couldn’t get through a day of work without having to take constant breaks to stretch or massage myself. I was starting to think my body was useless because I couldn’t keep up with my own ambitions.
Just as I was giving up hope for a pain-free life, I received a manual therapy session that changed my life. A friend had introduced me to something called SOMA Neuromuscular Structural Integration. The bodywork was everything I was looking for. I had been working on yachts traveling in and out of Washington for years, so I started receiving SOMA sessions every time I was in town. I learned how to connect with and move my body to get long-lasting effects of the treatments.

Receiving regular SOMA sessions changed not only the structure of my body but my relationship with my body.  I had felt the magic from the first session, so I kept coming back for more and more. As my ribcage was released, I began to breathe easier. My posture changed and I began standing more upright. In my lower body, I felt more grounded and balanced. I learned how to correct my hyperextended joints and release tension in my jaw.  I reconnected with body parts that I had been ignoring due to their constant message of pain. I became more in tune with my body, what it was telling me, and what it needed.
With this deep connection to my body, my chronic upper back pain healed! However, there weren’t just changes in my physical body–the changes transcended into my mental health, across my relationships, and even impacted how I see my place in the world. This was the puzzle piece I had been looking for. I knew that I had to learn more about SOMA so that I could share it with others. I didn’t hesitate to enroll in the certification program at The SOMA Institute of Structural Integration as soon as I could. My pain has been transformed into an incredible gift that I can now share with others.

Bodywork changed my life, and it can change yours, too. I hope you find your way to Fountain of Youth. I look forward to connecting with you.

Be well,

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