SOMA Series work

The “creme-de-la-crème” of the SOMA work. Each session is focused on a specific intention, either a specific section of the body or a goal, each one building on the last. Sessions ideally spaced 1-2 weeks apart (most importantly for sessions 3 & 4 and 5 & 6.) For greatest benefit, please complete the entire series to balance the whole body. The sessions are clothed, clients wearing stretchy shorts/baiting suit bottoms and tube tops (tops provided in studio, if needed). The series consists of assessment, before and after pictures, SOMA bodywork, movement re-education, reading materials, reflective journaling, as well as other activities to facilitate change and growth.

Each of the 12 sessions are between 90-120 minutes. The cost per session is $250.

Session Progression:

  1.  Facilitating levity.
  2.  Finding a supportive grounding foundation.
  3.  Lengthening the side-line and bringing breath into the system.
  4.  Strengthening the mid-line and awareness to the core.
  5.  Freeing the front body, bringing a sense of alertness/preparation.
  6.  Releasing the back body and allowing the pelvis to settle.
  7.  “Putting the head back on.” Allowing the head and neck to orient and find center.
  8.  Integration of the lower body.
  9.  Integration of the upper body.
  10.  “Putting the arms back on.” Allowing the arms to find their place back on the body.
  11.  Arthrokinematics – Resetting the neural connection between your brain and each of your joints.
  12.  SOMAssage to integrate the whole body.

This series is recommended for:

Benefits of SOMA:

  1. Bringing breath into the body – Introduction and Levity
  2. Grounding – 360 degrees knees to feet
  3. Side body – Freeing the IT band, QL and the ribs
  4. Midline – Focus on adductors, lift and strength from the core line, intro into the pelvic floor
  5. Front body – Freeing the tibialis, quads, diaphragm, heart center, deeper psoas work
  6. Back Body – Freeing the calves, hamstrings, posterior pelvis, spine, revisit the pelvic floor
  7. Head, Neck and Shoulders — “orienting and putting the head back on”
  8. Lower Body Integration – Connect the hips to feet back together
  9. Upper Body Integration – Connect the hips to head back together
  10. Arms – Focus on arms and their roots in the chest, neck and back
  11. Arthro-Kinetics – Using arrhythmic motion (compression, tension, twisting, shaking etc…) to reset the connection between the brain and each joint found throughout the body.
  12. SOMAssage – Relaxing full body integration
The series is recommended for:
  • Everyone! Just about anyone can benefit from getting a fresh start, finding a new solid foundation.
  • Womxn who are thinking about becoming pregnant. Make sure your body is ideally balanced before the changes that occur with carrying a child.
  • Womxn who are 3+ months postpartum. Great for reclaiming your body as your own and help your body heal towards your ideal structure. (Prenatal sessions or SOMAssage can be done in the early months postpartum until the risk for dangerous blood clots goes down after the 3 month mark.)
  • People who feel time and gravity catching up to them.
  • People who feel like they have a specific hurdle they are having a hard time overcoming.

Benefits of SOMA:

    • Improved balance
    • Better posture
    • Decreased physical pain
    • Release of emotional holding/pain
    • Increase range of motion
    • Movements are easier and more fluid
    • Improved athletic performance
    • Faster recovery time
    • Increase breathing
  • Improved flexibility and mobility
  • Improved body awareness
  • Stronger mind-body connection
  • A calmer mind