About Fountain of Youth

Fountain of Youth provides expert massage and manual therapy with customized treatment plans so you can achieve your health goals. Fountain of Youth is a LGBTQ, POC, Womxn owned business. 

Fountain of Youth services blend multiple forms of bodywork including massage, manual therapy, and movement therapy. We work together towards your goals to personalize treatment for your body and mind. The techniques produce long lasting effects that reduce pain, increase range of motion, and improve your mood.
SOMA Neuromuscular Structural Integration is the core method of bodywork used. SOMA transforms your body by breaking up adhesions in your fascial network; for many people, it makes moving effortless and pain-free again. At Fountain of Youth, you will learn how to carry these changes into your everyday life. It is bodywork that you won’t forget.

Jerica Green

Licenses, Certifications and Professional Memberships

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